Montana Mother Goes from Homelessness to Camping Outdoors with Family

Bianca was raised in Montana and has lived there for most of her life. She moved to Nevada for a few years but came back to care for her grandma, who at the time was not doing well, and ended up saying. “I love the outdoors the most,” Bianca says. “The mountains, the trees, the forests. Camping here in Montana is awesome.” 

Camping is not only something that Bianca enjoys, but has also been a means of living for her. At the moment, Bianca and her family are staying with her brother and sister, but prior to that they were homeless. “It was hard, with four young children. Camping with little babies is not the most ideal. But we did it and now my kids love being outside. They always want to go camping now. They help dad with the fire, get wood and cook outside. They learned a lot. We made the best of it.”

It was through a woman that Bianca met at one of the homeless shelters they were staying in that she learned about the Gianforte Family Foundation fund. She couldn’t find much information about it at first, and she had doubts of the legitimacy and even more, getting approved, but when she received the funds through UpTogether all she felt was thankfulness. “I was so grateful and relieved. It was a very uplifting experience.” Bianca used the funds on gas, hotel rooms, food, diapers and wipes. 

“Just, thank you,” Bianca says. Keep helping. It helped us a lot at a time we really needed it. I just wish everyone could have that type of help when they need it.”

Bianca and her partner are working towards getting their own place but have plans to stay in Montana to be around friends and family.

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