Self Care & Better Finances: How this Married Colorado Mother of Three Found Her Bridge

“This is amazing,” Alyssia thought when she learned about UpTogether and the Bridge Network fund. “You don’t hear about people offering to get you out of the predicament you are in and being able to utilize those funds on what you need it for.” 

Alyssia is a working mom with two children and one on the way. She has been married for six years and has lived in Colorado her entire life. What keeps Alyssia in Colorado? Family and the weather, she says. “You get four seasons.” 

Self care is a big part of Alyssia’s regime. She loves to paint, take walks, listen to meditation music and write poetry. Her interest in poetry started in middle school, and by her sophomore year of high school she began to get recognized for her writing. “That gave me more of an affirmation that this is what I like to do and I’m good at it,” Alyssia said.

She is heavily involved with her church community and her work community means a lot to her as well. Alyssia has been doing outreach for the church with her parents since she was a child. They would do church retreats and attend events to spread the word of God and invite others to visit their church.

Alyssia works from home as a bookkeeper. In July, she completed a six-month career guidance course through CrossPurpose, a nonprofit organization in her community. It was also through CrossPurpose that she learned about UpTogether.

The Bridge Network provides Alyssia with a financial coach that meets with her monthly. “It’s been helpful so far. They help me calculate my finances better. We are trying to buy a house and UpTogether has given us this opportunity to start saving towards our goals,” she says.

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