UpTogether Member Learns Lifelong Skills in her Group

Mirna lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico and has been an UpTogether member since 2015. She found out about UpTogether from a mother at her daughter’s school. “They explained to us that it was a project that supported families to get out of poverty,” she said. Mirna joined UpTogether because she has always liked being involved in the community and sharing what she knows.

“The best thing is that we met very positive people and the financial support was a great help to my whole family,” Mirna said. She was able to make repairs on her home, purchase a car and computer for her daughter to go to college and save money! 

According to Mirna, the most useful information she learned in her groups was how to set family goals and have better control over their finances.

 “This is an experience that you will never regret. UpTogether supports sharing resources that help us get ahead and improve our lives. UpTogether is undoubtedly a support to move forward in life.”

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