War Veteran and his Health-compromised Wife Optimistic in Battle with the Pandemic to Keep Basic Needs Met

Covid-19 has had a devastating impact on Kenneth’s family. The Gulf War veteran estimates he’s lost 20 family members over the past two years. Kenneth is also navigating the pandemic mostly from the confines of his apartment. “My wife is immunocompromised. The doctor told her not to be around people. We are protecting each other.”

The 57-year-old grandfather was born in Dallas; he relocated to Austin about eight years ago after he remarried. Kenneth looks forward to being able to visit his uncle’s ranch in Louisiana, again. The trip had been an annual family tradition before the world shut down.

Kenneth adores his grandson, and he hopes to purchase a home to provide more stability for him. “I’d be open to any home – even one of those tiny homes you see on tv,” he says.  Kenneth speaks with this grandson every day on the phone. “I am trying to be around for him. He graduated high school last year and he lives with me from time to time. I try to keep him on the right path,” he shares.  

Kenneth remembers the day he discovered UpTogether, “I was on the internet looking for financial help for bills and rent and some kind of way I found the page and I applied. I’m on a fixed income, I don’t get a lot of money. I have enough humility to try to seek help.” He used his funding to cover necessities: food, rent, light bills, and medical needs. “I don’t have a lot of people to ask for help. I knew exactly how I was gonna use the money based on my needs.”

His main concern now is how he will keep his household together when his funding ends. “The money has given me stability over the past year. Now inflation is up and so are gas prices. This was a solution to get help to keep a roof over my head and make sure that me and my wife have somewhere to live,” says Kenneth. “I have a lot of friends in the same situation as me. I suggested the platform to them. I don’t have problems spreading the news.”

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