Chicago Detox: Single-Mom Uses UpTogether Funds to Coach Women out of Toxic Relationships

Aleida has called Chicago home since 2009. Since relocating, the Buffalo, New York native has gotten married, had a child and gone through a divorce. She says, ending her marriage created new opportunities for personal and professional growth. “I was in an emotionally abusive, narcissistic marriage. When I first started UpTogether it was not too long after my divorce. I was going through a lot of transition financially. So that sparked a lot of passion in me to really help women.”

She used UpTogether funds to enroll in a program that would ultimately help her launch a business. “I coach women who have come out of toxic relationships. That’s really what I’m passionate about.” And business is growing; she recently signed her fist paying clients. “I have six women. Some are divorced, some are going through break-ups... I like to support them. It’s more so about helping them reclaim their lives and just become who they’re called and created to be,” she explained.

Aleida has met with a few members of her UpTogether group during the pandemic. She feels comfortable sharing details about her personal journey and advocacy work with them.  “One of the girls in my group, Erica, [did a] podcast and she invited me on. That opportunity led to my story being produced in a documentary." She adds, "it’s helping me get out the message that I have, my passion. That happened because of the group.” 

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