Midwest Mother of Two Back on the Road with Fixed Car and an UpTogether Invite

Charlene was introduced to UpTogether a couple months ago at The Parent Child Center of Tulsa. They offer support for single parents and provide resources on how parents can help support the growth and development of their child(ren). The woman that Charlene was working with knew that she needed to get her car fixed and applied for the fund with her so that she could get an invitation code. “I didn’t know that you guys had been around for so many years. I was mainly shocked,” Charlene said, explaining her reaction to learning about UpTogether. “Usually when people do something, you have to do something in return.” 

She is a single mother of two children, ages 1 and 3, with another child on the way. Charlene was able to use the funds to get her car fixed, purchase school supplies for her children and begin to make purchases in anticipation for her new baby arriving. She used to run and play the piano but now “I’m in mom mode with my kids 24/7” Charlene said. Her children love swimming, going to the park and dancing together. 

Living in Tulsa all her life, Charlene has become bored with the city and is excited to start somewhere new. “It used to be fun as a child,” she said. “I want to go to college for medical or law. I need to get everything up and up before I move. I like the country, so I was thinking Colorado or North Carolina.

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